Veronica is the author of “The Book about Mystery Shopping”. This is a 250 pages book explaining how to develop a successful mystery program. This book is used by students, mystery shopping providers and their clients on all levels.

Lina and Veronica have written a book about mystery shopping for employees that are working in the companies that are using the mystery shopping method. It explains the method and how employees can benefit from it. This book is available in 25 languages. The title of the English version is “The employee´s guide to mystery shopping”.

Veronica has also written books together with Jan Gunnarsson at Värskapet. “Det säljande värdskapet” explains why and how to be a great host, and how to sell more by being a good host. “Det säljande ledarskapet” is an extended version of “Det säljande värdskapet” which also explains how the leader can support the selling hosts.

All books are available in the largest Swedish bookshops online and at