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Better Business CX Index

The 100 largest retailers in Sweden are visited by mystery shoppers, evaluating the first impression, mechanical sales, personal sales, and last impression. The results are presented per category and region, in focus areas like signage, knowledge, product display, treatment and add-on sales. In 2021, the report also included evaluations of how the retailers have handled Covid-19 from a customer perspective.

Superb Service

Superb service is not just ordinary good service, it is when the service reception is so outstanding and memorable that the customer is really impressed by this service moment. If Better Business mystery shoppers receive Superb Service during a visit, the service moment is described in detail in the report to the company. The employee is acknowledged and proud to receive the Superb Service Award. This is a great program for inspiring all employees to give superb service.

SSQ Award

The SSQ Award (Scandinavian Service and Quality Award) is a quality program for hotels and conference venues, including surveys to measure a spectrum of aspects that affects the quality level and profitability in the companies. A guest survey, an employee survey, mystery shopping evaluations in person and virtually, self-assessments, and a quality planning process. Veronica founded and launched the program in 2002, and it was accredited by HOTREC in 2010. Only four quality programs in Europe are accredited by HOTREC according to the European Hospitality Quality.

The Smiling Report

The Smiling Report is a global benchmarking program which shows how Smiling, Greeting, and Add-on Sales is scored in different industries worldwide. Veronica launched the Smiling Report in 2004, and from 2020 the program is managed by the trade organization MSPA Europe/Africa. To date, the Smiling Report includes data from 25+ million evaluations in 69 countries.


2001 Veronica founded MSPA Europe, the trade organization for mystery shopping in Europe. MSPA started in USA in 1997 and has now also a chapter in Asia/Pacific. MSPA Europe/Africa has grown to the largest chapter with the most mystery shopping providers of all regions. Veronica was the president for MSPA Europe the first four years, and the president for the MSPA Global board for two years, and is now a permanent member of the Global Board. Veronica has played a big role in the development of guidelines and standards for the industry, best practice in how to manage assignments in an ethical, reliable and professional way. 

SSQ Service Award

The SSQ Service Award program is a light version of the complete SSQ Award program. Companies in three categories are nominated to participate each year; Business Hotels, Conference Hotels, and Day Conference Venues. Better Business evaluates the participants by making mystery shopping/reservations and cancellations via e-mails, telephone calls and evaluation of the website.

books about mystery shopping


Veronica is the author of “The Book about Mystery Shopping”. This book has a red cover and contains 250 pages explaining how to develop a successful mystery program. This book is used by students, mystery shopping providers and their clients on all levels.

Lina and Veronica have written a book about mystery shopping for employees that are working in the companies that are using the mystery shopping method. This blue book explains the method and how employees can benefit from it. This book is available in 25 languages. The title of the English version is “The employee’s guide to mystery shopping”.

Veronica has also written books together with Jan Gunnarsson at Värdskapet (Hotmanship). “Det säljande värdskapet” explains why and how to be a great host, and how to sell more by being a good host. “Det säljande ledarskapet” is an extended version of “Det säljande värdskapet” which also explains how the leader can support the selling hosts.

All books are available in the largest Swedish bookshops online and at www.betterbusinessbooks.se